About Energy Weekly

When I was over-weight, depressed, and experiencing chronic conditions, I lacked education about my mind, my body, and the energy that I have access to. Learning began with exercise, which lead to changes in diet and mentality, and this lead to all kinds of things I had never imagined.

Energy is the most valuable thing in life that sustains all that we are and do. This blog is about all of those things that happen when we value, use, and balance our energy, or don’t.

Diet and exercise are the practices I focus on most in my daily life. ¬†However, because these practices touch every aspect of life (i.e. through the quality and flow of our energy) there are many other topics surrounding energy that you’ll find here.

Overall, my aim to the share what information we as a collective need to discover the following:

  • How energy works in our lives
  • Obstacles in understanding our use and control of energy
  • How energy can can directly benefit us on a daily basis
  • How we use our individual energy to collectively speak